Eduservices is a French leader in private higher education. The project was born in 2010 at the instigation of Philippe Grassaud, its president. It brings together various schools offering post-baccalaureate courses mainly ranging from 2 to 5 years and training for careers in management, commerce, digital, hospitality (tourism, hotel trade, leisure), beauty, well-being and sport.

A national reach

Eduservices has 9 national brands : Ecole Internationale Tunon, Ipac Bachelor Factory, IHECF ISCOM, MyDigitalSchool, MBway, Pigier Performance, Win, Studio M and 12 regional leaders : AFTEC, ESAP, ESICAD, ESPL, IPAC, Isifa Plus Values, Ipac Design, ACFA MULTIMEDIA, ESIMODE, CIME ART, Studio Mercier and also 4 online training brands : Ipac Online, Cdaf, École Française and Seira, which provide an optimal national coverage with a network of 30 schools. More details


Education Entrepreneur

Eduservices was born from the will to offer a development platform to entrepreneurs coming from vocational education who, like us, have the desire to make education evolve and to train youths as close as possible to the requirements of the working world. Because these youths or mature entrepreneurs are often isolated, Eduservices provides them with a reception structure that protects and supports them in their project, while allowing each of them to keep on practising their profession. More details

Accreditation and certification

All of our courses are certified by the Ministry of Education (BTS, DCG, DSCG) or by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle (National Commission for Vocational Certification) within France Compétences, which registers all vocational certifications and diplomas issued. To register a professional certification, France Compétences is mainly interested in the skills acquired by the certified individuals and their professional integration… More details 




Priority to employment

Eduservices is committed to bringing its 39,000 students into the professional world, with a logic of proximity and access to employment. Eduservices has set a target of becoming the leading institutional group of multidisciplinary schools on the French market and, to this end, is following an investment policy of organic and external growth. More details