Eduservices is a French leader in private higher education. The project was born in 2010 at the instigation of Philippe Grassaud, its president. It brings together various schools offering post-baccalaureate courses mainly ranging from 2 to 5 years and training for careers in management, business, digital, hospitality (tourism, hotel trade, leisure), beauty, well-being and sport.


The national deployment of our 45 campuses provides a local service that respects PRM and ERP (public access building) accessibility standards and provides advice on orientation, block release training and financing studies for students with disabilities and reduced mobility to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Our correspondents in disabilities on each campus listen to and assist each student all along the studies. More details. More details





International Links

Against the global trend, the African continent benefits from a very strong economic potential for long-term development which today justifies the presence of Eduservices. Thus, Eduservices has been actively accompanying its development for many years and consolidating its growth by investing sustainably, in line with its demographic growth (more than one billion inhabitants, 40% young people), which is expected to double by 2035. More Details

Regional campuses

As part of its development plan, Eduservices is developing multi-brands regional campuses. The ability to bring together a large number of students on the same geographical site enables the group to improve the quality of its infrastructures and the multimedia services offered to students, but also to offer areas for exchange and sharing between the different student populations. Important investments have been made in the major metropolises targeted because of their training needs. More details





WOMEN and MEN Power

To fight against unjustified pay gaps, to move towards equal work and to make performance and efforts transparent, Eduservices communicates its professional gender equality index of its different companies in 202. More details

A strong CSR vision

As Educational Entrepreneurs, we are required to balance our performance according to the three pillars of economic, environmental and societal concerns. In this context, we support and get involved both institutionally and regionally, at school level, with causes and associations. More details