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  • Emphasizing its human resources policy, Eduservices has established its centre of internal training, the Eduservices Academy, which designs and conducts educational, technical, promotional and behavioural development training intended for the whole staff.

    The objectives of the Eduservices Academy are to permanently position itself among the leaders in proven education, to organize the training system and to strengthen the professionalization of occupations in the Eduservices network:

    • Teachers 
    • Educational managers
    • Training advisers
    • Sales assistants
    • Directors of clientele
    • School Principals

    The Eduservices Academy

    the Eduservices Academy is a strategic lever which has specific purposes:

    • for Training Advisers and the Directors of Clientele: to integrate, any new collaborator into a uniform process of orientation.
    • for Managers (Educational managers, Directors of clientele and School Principals) : develop the management skills necessary to the daily operation: leadership and team management, fundamentals of a school (administrative, educational, business and financial management), approaches to teaching, etc.
    • for Teachers: certify the stakeholders and ensure a consistency and performance of face-to-face teaching of courses each year to tens of thousands of students.

    The pooling of working methods and tools of promotion developed by the various schools is fundamental and has for objectives:

    • to create a national centre of business leadership in order to standardize and improve the work methods the tools of operational development;
    • to recruit, train, develop and motivate the educational and recruitment teams;
    • to be a true support for Directors of the Group and School Principals in the performance and coaching of teams.

    Training Advisers and Directors of Business Clientele

    The Eduservices Academy proposes a dozen internal training modules for Training Advisers and the Directors of Clientele at our brands. These training modules averaging 2 to 3 days, address in a specific way and promote thematic key occupations such as the revision of sales fundamentals, communication, business motivation, negotiation, team management, the ability to take the floor, group animation, relations between businesses, management at a distance, the training video, etc. These training modules are open to all our collaborators and are accessible by direct registration or through the management according to a schedule of annual training. 

    Educational Managers

    As with the Training Advisers and the Directors of Clientele, the Eduservices Academy proposes a set of modules for internal training aimed the institutions' Educational Managers. These modules address strategic issues such as the exploitation of the NICTS, the C2i2e certification and also dealing with or resolving various issues of management or direction through pedagogical scenarios.

    Manager Incubator

    The Eduservices Academy also develops its Managers of current and future schools. It constitutes a major lever of its incubator for internal managers and of "life-long learning" stemming from of a triple desire:

    • management of ambitions and careers,
    • talent retention,
    • enjoyment at work

    Online Library

    The Eduservices Academy  also makes available to all its employees an internal online library, accessible from a dedicated platform. It provides the opportunity to consult and download the relevant documents and the best practises put forth in the training courses: sales pitch, quality charter, Institutional sheet, agreement, etc.