Entrepreneurs in education

France, The leading European country in private education


France is the number one European country in private education. Fifteen per cent of French students graduate from private education compared to an average of 8 to 10% for the other European countries. We offer training that is segmented, created and brought to life by what we call Eduservices, entrepreneurs in education.

Partnership of entrepreneurs in education


Eduservices was born from the desire to provide a platform of development through professional education to those business leaders who share the desire to evolve education and to provide young people with the skills needed in the world of work. Because these young people or those mature entrepreneurs are often isolated, Eduservices offers them a structure protecting and assisting them in their career plans, while allowing each continue to exercise their vocation. Eduservices gives them the possibility to develop entrepreneurial skills as well. To demonstrate innovative and daring approaches in the development of educational concepts while making the best use of the achievements and experiences of everyone, that is the mission that Eduservices has set for itself.