Employability and vocational integration

Eduservices is clearly positioned in the market for vocational training. A viewpoint born of the desire to train our young people to enter seamlessly into the labour market with the best possible preparation.

The employability of young people is our number one goal


In our complex economic context, the requirements of recruiters continue to grow. Businesses expect young graduates to be ready to contribute, in phase with the trends and developments in their sector of activity. Among Eduservices, we want this capacity to adapt, to be the value added feature of each of our students.
In response this demand that we attach particular importance to the employability of our students and we work together to ensure that their professional integration is done in a progressive manner, throughout their training.

Promoting a progressive integration into employment


In the first year of studies, our young people are directly confronted with the world of business through professional missions, internships or work-study. The objective is to lead them, as they progress, to realize a connection between their theoretical studies and the practical implementation in the field.

Eduservices is proud to have more than 45% of its students in work-study. A result which demonstrates the work put in place by all our educational teams with businesses (international, national, regional, ETI, SMES, local communities, etc.) to collaborate with our brands and to become faithful partners who participate each year to teach our young people the skills and tools necessary for their success.