Eduservices offers its students state-certified diploma training courses, registered with the RNCP (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle, National Directory of Professional Certification) of France Compétences. Eduservices has a range of 47 certified degrees that guarantee the quality of its teaching.

Eduservices courses are certified by the French Ministry of Education (BTS, DCG (Diploma in Accounting and Management), DSCG (Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Management)) or by the CNCP (Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle, National Commission for Vocational Certification), a state commission attached to the Prime Minister, responsible for creating the Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle (National Directory of Professional Certification), which lists all the degrees and diplomas issued in France.


The CNCP is mainly interested in the skills acquired by graduates and their integration into the world of work (position held, level of remuneration, etc.) in order to approve a degree. The excellent employment rates of the Eduservices brands are obtained by the quality of the students' skills and the rapid conversion of their apprenticeship contracts into permanent contracts.



With a network of 50 partner universities worldwide through Erasmus+ charters and academic partnerships, Eduservices facilitates the international mobility of its students. To this end, our courses are based on the European standards of the Bologna Convention, which lead to the award of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).


These ECTS credits ensure the recognition of diplomas in all member countries of the European Union and facilitate the entry into the working life of our young graduates wishing to work overseas.


Our brands Ipac Bachelor Factory and MBway also deliver the European Diploma Supplement (Label delivered by the European Commission). Complementary to the higher education diploma, it promotes international transparency and academic and professional recognition of the qualifications and skills acquired by the graduate.



The Eduservices schools have developed international university agreements allowing pursuits of studies or double diplomas in MSc (Master of Science) and MA (Master of Arts), notably in British, American, Canadian, Australian, Central European and Southern European universities.