Founded in 1850, Pigier trains its students for careers in business, human resources and management. The network is now made up of 25 campuses and 12,800 students, which guarantees the school's national reach.

Aware of the market requirements in its various fields of expertise, Pigier provides its students with an essential dimension in its training courses: a results-oriented culture.

It also ensures that they are provided with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical applications that will enable them to be directly operational once they have entered on the job market, as well as the rigour and methods specific to each field of expertise, whether it be business, management, human resources or company management.

In order to ensure its students an optimally integration into the world of work, Pigier Performance has built up a network of national and regional partner companies, which today enables it to:

  • Providing over 3,000 internships per year
  • Over 10,000 partner companies



+13000 students +13000 students
10000 partner companies 10000 partner companies
84%  are employed at the end of their training 84% are employed at the end of their training
+16000 former students +16000 former students