MyDigitalSchool is the  the web school  born from the collaboration of Eduservices, partners specialised in IT and digital training and from the needs expressed by companies to satisfy all the new web professions.

Degrees that are 100% web professions

Accessible from Bac to Bac+5, the school offers a 3-year Bachelor's degree in web development and web project management, consisting of the first two years of shared foundation and 3 years of specialised on block release.

New professions in answer to a shortage of experts

The latest figures announced by the Fédération Syntec show a shortage of nearly 35,000 professionals in France in the field of Development only. This shortage can be explained by the rapid change in the needs of companies and technological innovations that are constantly creating new professions.

Born from the observation by web companies that current graduates only partially meet their needs, MyDigitalSchool's goal is to train future skiful digital professionals, mastering the technical aspects of development, the strategic vision of a web project and possessing the operational skills to complete it successfully from its design phase à sa livraison.




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13 professional certifications 13 professional certifications
19 label and accreditations 19 label and accreditations
95% insertion rates 95% insertion rates
800 partner companies 800 partner companies