Ipac Bachelor Factory

  • 30 Years experience
  • Post-bac school of business, open to all, in 3 years
  • Ranks in Le Figaro's TOP 20 ratings of  Bachelor programs
  • 2 years to choose a course of study / 0 career choice errors
  • 9 Bachelors with work-study
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IPAC Bachelor Factory is a post-bac business school, open to all, which offers the Bachelor curriculum in 3 years (from Bac to Bac+3). Latest of the Eduservices brands, IPAC Bachelor Factory is based on an innovative educational design drawing on the numerous research works of the Group and on 30 years of IPAC experience.


IPAC Bachelor Factory is supported by a network of 11 regional campuses: Angers, Annecy, Caen, Chambéry-Albertville, Genevois-Léman, Lille, Montpellier, Paris Ouest, Paris Sud, Rennes and Vannes


IPAC Bachelor Factory offers students training leading to a Bachelor degree in 3 years, adapted to one's maturity and favouring a gradual professional integration. The first 2 years are in a common core with an innovative educational pace: 3 Days of courses / 1 day of vocational discovery seminar or business sector / 1 to 3 days of professional assignments for or in a company.


This format of study enables the student to discover, during two years, different sectors and occupations in order to build his professional career at his own pace. By combining theoretical courses and professional assignments within the same week, he or she can put skills into practise while progressing and be better able to select a specialty in the final year.


The 3rd year of the Bachelor, the specialization year, is done as work-study and offers 9 different curricula. This 3rd year may be carried out in work-study or abroad in one of the 50 partner universities of the IPAC Bachelor Factory network. Students who have opted for this choice of studies then have the opportunity to validate a double diploma within the country in which they completed their academic stay.


The added value of the IPAC Bachelor Factory rests on the progressive relationship of the students with businesses, thanks to assignments (1 day per week),  the internships (12 weeks per year) and to their first job (fixed term contract 9 to 12 months in the 3rd year).


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