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    Ipac Bachelor Factory is a post-baccalaureate business school specialised in 3-year Bachelor's degrees (from Bac to Bac+3).

    Ipac Bachelor Factory has a network of 15 campuses: Angers, Annecy, Caen, Chambéry-Albertville, Grand Genève, Laval, Lille, Montpellier, Paris Ouest and Sud, Rennes, Toulouse, Vannes, and Madrid (Spain).

    Ipac Bachelor Factory offers students 3-year Bachelor’s training course, adapted to their maturity and facilitating a progressive professional integration. Thus, the first 2 years form a shared foundation with an innovative educational rhythm: 3 days of classes / 1 day of seminar to discover a profession or sector / 1 to 3 days of professional missions for or in a company.

    This study format allows the student to discover, during two years, different sectors and professions in order to build his career objectives at his own pace. By combining theoretical courses and professional missions within the same week, the student can put into practice what he has learned as he goes along and choose his speciality in the final year.

    The 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree, the year of specialisation, is a block release training and is available in 15 different studies. This 3rd year can be done on block release or overseas in one of the 60 partner universities of the Ipac Bachelor Factory network. Students who have opted for this study choice then have the opportunity to validate a double diploma within the country in which they do their academic stay.

    The added value of the Ipac Bachelor Factory is based on the progressive connection of students with companies, thanks to missions (1 day per week), internships (12 weeks per year) and their first job (apprenticeship Contract of 9 to 12 months in the 3rd year).





    38 years of experience 38 years of experience
    14000 graduates 14000 graduates
    2000 partner companies 2000 partner companies
    3800 students 3800 students