Apprenticeship Tax
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  • The apprenticeship tax is a compulsory tax due by all employers, regardless of their status: distribution business, industrial or artisanal, individual entrepreneur, association, agricultural cooperative or an economic interest grouping (EIG). The purpose of this tax is to finance the expenditures relating to the development of technological, professional and apprenticeship education.

    The apprenticeship tax enables to optimizing the relationship between schools and businesses and contributes to the mutual development of skills and know-how.

    More than a duty, the apprenticeship tax is first and foremost a commitment for the company which decides to financially support a school and its students. You can provide your support to Eduservices' schools by paying your apprenticeship tax.

    Why support us?

    If, like us, you want to bring innovation to private professional higher education and support the initiatives put in place for the training of our future generations of professionals, you can choose to support Eduservices or one of its schools.

    Our commitments

    • A great capacity in research and development in educational engineering
    • Innovative training
    • A major emphasis  given to the employability of our young
    • Experienced graduates

    How do we support?

    By sending your payment to the organization of your choice and specifying that this installment concerns Eduservices or one of our schools in particular.