Alumni Networks

Eduservices, through its national and regional brands, relies on a network of former students of more than 400,000 graduates throughout the regions and the world, working in sectors of activity as varied as business, marketing, communication, finance, tourism, or beauty trades.

More than a matter of pride, these alumni networks represent the value-added of Eduservices and the brands which follow and support their former students who are now professionals in their respective fields.

Our former students in numbers

  • Ecole Internationale Tunon: 60,000 Former students
  • ISCOM: 3,000 Former students
  • MBway Community: 5,000 Former students
  • Pigier: 250,000 Former students
  • AFTEC: 15,000 Former students
  • Cap Vers: 4,000 Former students
  • ESICAD: 17,000 Former students
  • ESPL: 15,000 Former students
  • IPAC Community: 60,000 Former students
  • ISIFA: 20,000 Former students
  • Plus-Values: 5,000 Former students

Bringing together our networks

Our brands enjoy a privileged relationship with their former students and the latter are participating actively in the fame of their schools, their career and to the value of their training in the labour market.

In order to bring together these networks of alumni who are spread out now in several generations of professionals, Eduservices schools create each year various events to allow their former graduates, to meet, exchange, share, encounter current students and to participate on an ad hoc or more perennial basis in their training:

  • Organization of events: Forum, Conference, Alumni dinner, Participation in the institutions, Participation in student competitions as a member of the jury;
  • Providing analysis and content specific to different sectors of activity in which former graduates can exercise: IFOP studies, news of the school, students' work, etc.
  • Testimonies of former students: Highlighting atypical careers, successful professional careers, feedback on their training within their establishment, etc. Any such participation elevates the image and the story of each Eduservices brand.