Our mission

Since the mid-80s, the number of French students has increased significantly, from more than a million to nearly three million young people in higher education. With nearly 15% of its workforce, or 400,000 students coming out of private education, France is the leading European country in private higher education.


For nearly 30 years, and on a regular basis, a part of the public sector workforce has transferred to the private schools. In effect, the private initiatives, more reactive and in sync with the needs of employers, allow for a better service to students, bringing them closer the professional world. 

The private sector is particularly active in the field of work-study programmes; a type of training that requires very strong school to business relationships and an ability to adapt and respond on the part of the establishments.

France has more than 200 private companies in the area of higher education, the vast majority of them being recent (created during the last 20 years). Today Eduservices sets the standard.