Continuing Professional Training

Eduservices supports businesses and employees in their continuing professional training: to train its employees, to acquire new skills, to stimulate employees' motivation and initiative, etc.

In the framework of their training plan, Eduservices assists companies the search for adapted training programs and employees in their personnel development project.

Eduservices schools offer training accessible through VAE (Validation of Experience), DIF (individual right to training) and CIF (Individual training leave). Each Eduservices institution places at the service of companies and employees one or more members of its educational team to provide a continuous follow-up to the professionals in training and to support them in the development of their career.

VAE - Validation of Experience

The VAE offers the opportunity for an employee to be recognized for his skills and knowledge acquired throughout his professional career. It allows one to obtain a diploma or a professional certification, in the same way as the educational path, the apprenticeship and vocational training.

The VAE is accessible to all employees (in CSD or CDI), to self-employed, agents of the public service (incumbents or not) and to volunteers that can justify a professional experience of at least three years with direct relevance to the contents of the intended professional certification (activity exercised on a continuous or discontinuous, full or part-time with a  cumulative duration of at least three years). The VAE may be requested at any time of life, without any age limit, irrespective of the starting level (it is not mandatory to possess a diploma to perform this request).

DIF - individual right to training

The individual right to training allows all employees to accumulate training time  (20 hours per year, cumulative over six years up to the limit of 120 hours). The request for DIF is made at the initiative of the employee and requires the agreement of the employer. The training takes place outside the working time and is supported by the employer. The DIF is a recognized right, the employee is free to use it or not.

CIF - Individual Training Leave

The Individual Training Leave allows an employee to be absent from his work station to follow the training of his choice. It is necessary to fill out a number of conditions and to submit, in advance, a request to the employer to be able to benefit from them. Unlike the DIF, the CIF is dependent on the employee but he may, under certain conditions, benefit from a supported of his remuneration and the expenses associated with the leave from  l’Organisme Collecteur Agréé au titre du CIF (OPACIF) or even other agencies having a limited jurisdiction to a company or group of companies (AGECIF).