Minimize the carbon footprint

Managing and leading a network of 48 institutions can become costly in term of displacement and ecological and economic impact. Eduservices seeks to limit as much as possible this impact through multiple actions that positively influence the group's ecological and sustainable approach.

Video & Teleconferences

In order to minimize the carbon footprint of travel, video-conferences are favoured, enabling the group's various actors at national or regional level to meet and to move forward on their common projects thanks to the computing equipment of each campus.

Development of fibre-optic networks

To manage the organization of its various brands, Eduservices decided to centralize its it computer systems purchases and to revamp its information system. The establishment of a private network (MPLS VPN) with fibre optic connections was therefore needed  to meet performance demands, and also the bandwidth consumed by both the students and the staff of Eduservices. 30 Institutions are already affected by these investments.

Eduservices seeks to install secure fibre optic networks. More environmentally friendly and more respectful of the environment, they enable reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the campuses while providing a better quality of work and a better flow to the students, educational teams and administrative of each establishment.
The network using fibre connections allows performance and facilitates the synergies between the various entities through the integration on the same media of telephony, video conferencing, and Wi-Fi .


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Collaborative Portals and the Intranet

Always with the aim of minimizing its environmental impact, Eduservices makes available to the administrative and educational teams as well as to the students in its brands, collaborative portals and dedicated intranets allowing them to store and exchange files, to consult their email messages and to keep informed of news of the group or of the schools. These platforms allow us to reduce the amount of travel related to meetings; they centralize information by providing a single access to all the data and also enables gains in productivity. Each brand has its own workspace and also has access to the Eduservices intranet where additional information particularly on human resources (internal job offerings) are provided.

E-learning and distance learning

With the development of e-learning within institutions, dedicated platforms have also been developed in order to support this new project and to allow student to follow a quality distance learning academic program and to have access to all of the course content and exams everywhere in the world.

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