Academic Excellence

The employability of our young graduates at the end of their training is the true recognition for our national and regional brands.

Beyond this professional success, Eduservices is endeavouring to achieve academic excellence. All our brands benefit from national and international certifications enabling them to develop numerous academic partnerships on the regional, national and international level. All of our programs are built in accordance with the LMD system (License - Master - Doctorate) which aims to standardize the European curriculum of higher education.

French Certifications

The fundamentals of our curriculum are certified by l’Education Nationale or CNCP (National Commission of Professional Certification), a state commission attached to the Prime Minister which is responsible for creating the National Directory of Professional Certification which, as its name indicates, lists all the titles and diplomas issued. To approve a diploma, the CNCP is primarily concerned with skills acquired by graduates and in their integration into employment (position, level of remuneration, etc.).

International recognition

Fortified by a network of 50 partner universities throughout the world, Eduservices seeks to facilitate the international mobility of its students. To do this, our trainings are based on the European standards of the Bologna convention leading to obtaining ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).
These ECTS credits ensure recognition of diplomas in all member nations of the European Union and facilitate entry into the active life by our young graduates wishing to work abroad.

Some of our brands (SCPI Bachelor Factory, MBway and IPAC) also issue the European Diploma Supplement (Label issued by the European Commission). This supplementary document, attached to the diploma of higher studies, aims to promote international transparency and facilitates academic and professional recognition of qualifications and skills acquired with the diploma.