Pigier Performance

  • 160 Years of experience
  • 37 full time or work-study programmes ranging from the Associate (BTS) to the BAC+3
  • A guaranteed integration into employment
  • 28 schools in France
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Founded in 1850, Pigier Performance trains its students in business, human resources and management professions. The network is currently composed of 28 schools and 8,000 students, guaranteeing a national-wide scope at this institution.

Aware of market requirements in its various areas of expertise, Pigier Performance brings to students a vital dimension in its training: the culture of the results.

It seeks to provide them with fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical applications that will allow them to be directly operational in the labour market, as well as the discipline and method specific to each field of expertise whether it is business, human resources or the management of a company.

In order to ensure integration into employment for its students, Pigier Performance has surround itself with a network of partner organizations on the national and regional level which enables it:

  • To provide more than 3,000 courses per year
  • To have more than 4,000 tutors and employers in work-study programs each year


Pigier Performance provides training ranging from the Associate (BTS) to the BAC+3 with State Certified Titles - level IV and II and State Diplomas (Associate ([BTS], GCI, DSCG) in the following skills:

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