Pigier Creation

  • The leading school dedicated entirely to vocations in style and beauty
  • A strong artistic vision which is the value added its graduates have
  • Training ranging from Professional Certification to the Bac+3
  • 22 schools in France
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Pigier Creation is the leading school devoted entirely to the trades of the style and beauty. It seeks to train its students in all the latest techniques of hairdressing and aesthetics with a strong artistic vision. It is this same artistic vision that is its value added and enables its young graduates to differentiate themselves in the labour market.

In order to better train its students, Pigier Creation is supported by a faculty composed of professionals, from the world of hairdressing and aesthetics, competent and recognized in their field of activity.

With its 160 years of experience and its reputation in the world of fashion and beauty, the school opens its doors to all students who have a pronounced taste for well-being, elegance and high standards, founding values of this establishment. Pigier Creation is supported today by a network of 22 schools and 3,000 pupils.


The training courses include Professional Certification, Bac Pro, CAP to Associate (BTS), and the Bac+3. They are sanctioned by a State diploma or  the certified diplomas BAC+3 level II and enable young people to move toward the vocations of Hairdresser, Aesthetics, Cosmetics and Perfumery.

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