Individualized Courses

Eduservices offers students individualized courses within the different brands of the group. Personal skills are done throughout the course of each student in order to assist them in the continuation of studies and to adviser them in the development of their career plans.

The freedom to choose one's path of study

In the majority of the schools, the students are free to choose between:

a scholastic process (full time programmes accompanied by company internship) or a more vocational approach (work-study programmes within a company),

an integration into employment rooted in the local territory (partnerships with the regional economic players in each establishment) or to an international opening (ERASMUS program, work-study in a business abroad).

Development of e-learning

Recently, the opening of a distance learning training centre or e-learning, by Eduservices also allows you to opt for a continuation of studies even better adapted to your pace.
Professionals or students can pursue a Bachelor or MBA degree online, allowing them to pursue a vocational activity but also to try the experience of work-study abroad with the MBway school of management MBway.