About us

Created in July 2010 from the merger of La Compagnie de Formation-Chézy, Forteam and IPAC, Eduservices today brings together 7 national brands: Ecole Internationale TUNON, Ipac Bachelor FactoryIPAC e-learning, ISCOM, MBway, Pigier Création, Pigier Performance and 9 regional brands: AFTEC, Cap Vers, ESICAD, ESPL, IFALPES, IPAC, IPAC Design, ISIFA and Plus-Values.

Positioning itself as a complement to the public education sector, Eduservices offers a new vision of access for young people to the world of work: on the one hand, thanks to an education viewpoint emphasizing proximity and partnership with companies, and on the other hand, by promoting autonomy and development of our young people's talents.

The Group, the 2nd largest private contractor of education in France, assists over 17,500 students each year in its 48 facilities throughout the national territory. Clearly positioned in the market of professional education, Eduservices has more than 45% of students in work-study programs, through curriculum ranging from training CAP to BAC+6 in various sectors such as business, management, communication, tourism, hotel management, recreation, personal care, and beauty. 


Reflecting a new vision of private vocational education, Eduservices cultivates competence in Research & Development and pedagogical engineering. In effect, Eduservices aims to share its passion for expertise in studies and to give confidence to students and families for a successful integration into the labour market !